Why I switched to VOXI

The new endless social media network by Vodafone.

Voxi sim card
VOXI Sim card

I recently switched to VOXI for my mobile phone contract, because I was consistently running out of mobile data every month using GiffGaff. The main culprit of my data usage was Instagram, I’ve been trying to grow my account and that means I’m burning through loads of data while doing so.

I kept seeing VOXI’s advert with the thumbs jumping around in the forest, which to be honest is quite a creepy advert. It said that they gave endless social media on all their contracts, which would solve my Instagram data problem. This sounded very interesting to me, so I decided to do some research about the network. VOXI is owned by Vodafone and runs on their network, meaning they should have great coverage throughout the UK. Being a fairly new network they didn’t have too many reviews out there, but after watching a particular review on YouTube I was convinced and decided to give them a go. I could always go back to GiffGaff later if I needed to.

I am currently using VOXI’s £10 a month plan, which gives me 6GB data, unlimited data for social media, unlimited UK calls and texts and I can use all of this anywhere within Europe. This means I can use Instagram as much as I like and it will not cut into my 6GB data allowance. After a full month of usage mostly on data as I rarely connect to WiFi anywhere, my VOXI account says I have over 5GB remaining out of my 6GB data allowance, but my phone says I’ve used over 9GB of data this month, 5GB of that being Instagram usage. That means that I’ve used over 8GB of data for free outside of my data plan, amazing! I use VOXI in London and have not had any issues with 4G connectivity, I’ve not made many calls but the ones I did make were perfectly clear.

VOXI plans

Overall I’d have to say that I’m a pretty happy customer especially as I’m now only paying £10 a month, vs the £15 a month I was paying at GiffGaff where I was running out of data. I’m paying less for more! I would highly recommend this network to anyone who is a heavy social media user, be it Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Messenger, they are all included within the endless social media allowance and will not eat into your data plan. They even gave me a free £10 Amazon gift card for joining through a friends referral link!

Switching over to VOXI was very easy. I ordered the sim, once I received it I registered it by putting the code on the SIM card into the registration page on VOXI.com if you don’t want to keep your old number this is all you need to do. I have read that registering via the SnapChat code inside the SIM package is unreliable, so I suggest you don’t do that.

If you do want to keep your old number like I did, you will need to request your PAC code from your old network, once you have the code you just enter it in your VOXI account settings, inside the ‘transfer number to VOXI’ page, after you’ve done that you’ll receive a text message saying it will take a day or two to port your number over. It will usually take one working day to transfer your number.

If you’re interested in trying VOXI and getting a free £10 Amazon gift card, just click the link below.

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